Working with others in our presbytery to gather funds to purchase $1,500,000 of debt only takes $15,000 – a spark. What a wonderful way to pass on God’s generosity granted to us by passing along through our actions God’s love to others, even though their names and faces may never be known to us! Each will know that someone cared enough to donate with intent to relieve someone else’s burden when he or she receives the letter telling them their debt is paid. That’s sharing God’s love…

You or your congregation can give today by mailing checks payable to RIP Medical Debt with a
note – Presbytery of Wabash Valley Campaign and your name/church name on the memo line to:
RIP Medical Debt
80 Theodore Fremd Avenue
Rye, NY 10580

or give online at  Indiana and Appalachia – RIP Medical Debt
“Together, we can do this good Thing”

Friends, we’re delighted to share with you a series of videos produced in partnership with our good friends at the Presbyterian Mission Agency. Promoting our mission to serve Christ, empower congregations and connect communities, you can link to them below. Check back often watching for new sharable video’s as they become available.  We invite you to consider where in your congregation’s life and ministry you might show the videos. Session meetings? Minute for mission? A moment in your online worship service? Educational offerings?  On your church’s website and/or FB page?  They’re yours!  Please share them in good health.