Pastor Directory

Name Role Call Other Service
Adams, Kim Reverend Valparaiso, First PC Communications & Visioning Committee Permanent Judicial Commission
Adams, Monte Reverend Royal Center, Center PC
Anabe, Jane Reverend La Porte, The PC Commission on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)
Anabe Lopez, Joaquin Reverend Crown Point, First Commission on Ministry (COM)
Anderson, Paul Reverend Dyer PC & Merrillville, First PC
Arner, Neil D Reverend/Faculty Notre Dame
Arner, Susan Reverend South Bend, Sunnyside PC Synod Commissioner
Ban, Aaron Reverend Chesterton, St. John’s United Committee on Representation (CoR)
Bartel, Michelle Reverend Dr. Rensselaer, First PC Commission on Ministry, Moderator 225th General Assembly Commissioner Coordinating Council Coordinating Council
Becker, Nancy D Reverend Pastor Emeritus/Emerita, Ogden Dunes Community Parish Associate, Valparaiso, First PC Pulpit Supply
Blackford, Thomas Commissioned Pastor Logansport, Bethlehem PC Committee on Representation (CoR)
Blunk, Henry (Hank) Reverend Retired
Bowers, Kevin Reverend Lafayette, Bethany PC Commission on Preparation for Ministry, Moderator Coordinating Council Permanent Judicial Commission Ordination Exam Reader
Brouillette, Susan Reverend  A Work In Progress, Organizing Pastor Committee on Representation, Moderator Nominating Committee Coordinating Council
Brown, Jeff W Commissioned Pastor Kokomo, Faith PC
Butler, Anthony Dr. Hebron, Range Line CPC Communications & Visioning Team
Campbell, E. Allen Reverend Retired
Cantwell, Paige Reverend Retired
Cho, Daniel Reverend Mishawaka, First PC Stewardship Ministry Team (SMT)
Compton, Charles Reverend Retired
Compton, Howard Reverend Retired
Coulter, Scott Reverend Retired
Craig, Richard M Reverend Retired
Crowley, David Reverend Retired
Dandurand, Marvin Reverend/Chaplain Response Coordinating Team
Davis,  Walter K Reverend Retired Pulpit Supply
DeMaris,  Richard Reverend Retired
Doles, David Pastor Another Denomination Brookston, Federated
Dunkelberger, Michael Reverend Retired
Enersen,  Donna Commissioned Pastor Frankfort, Pleasant Hill PC Ministry Formation Team (MFT), Dean Commission on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) Coordinating Council, Ex-Officio
Everett, John H Reverend Retired Pulpit Supply Reserve Roaster Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC)
Ewing, Kenneth Reverend Retired
Ewing, Lyle Reverend Retired
Fassett, Leroy Reverend Dr. Pastor Emeritus/Emerita/Highland, First PC
Finley, Dean Reverend Retired
Freischlag, Kevin Covenant Pastor Other Denomination Wolcott, Meadow Lake PC
Gibbs,  David Reverend Member-at-large
Gilbert, John D Reverend Retired
Gilbert, Sally W Reverend Retired
Gourdine, Rudolph J Reverend Retired
Gready,  Frank Reverend Retired
Green,  Ronald M Reverend Retired
Griffin, Alan L Reverend Retired
Hamilton, Laurel Reverend Schererville, Immanuel PC Commission on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)
Harkey,  Beverly Commissioned Pastor Albion, First PC
Hartig, Laureen Reverend Oxford, Federated Church
Haworth, William R Reverend Retired
Herron, David Reverend Retired
Hessong, Leon Commissioned Pastor Delphi, First PC Coordinating Council, at large
Hughes,  Dave Commissioned Pastor Howe, Lima PC
Hutchison, Lucia Reverend Retired Mediation Team
Jang, karam Reverend West Lafayette, Korean PC
Johnson,  Lester Reverend Retired
Kathary-Newton, Kathy Reverend Ligonier PC Permanent Judicial Commission
Kelso, Adelia (Dedie) Reverend Dr. South Bend, First PC Stewardship Ministry Team (SMT)
Kenley, Barbara Reverend Retired Nominating Committee Mediation Team
Kessler, Stanley Reverend Pastor Emeritus/Emerita Kendallville, First PC
Kilbourne,  Ericka L Reverend Dr. Michigan City, First PC Commission on Ministry (COM) Mediation Team
Killmer,  J. Mark Reverend Retired
Kim, Richard Taekryong Reverend Retired
Kleymann, Ruby Reverend Retired
Kleymann, William Reverend Retired
Kuhs,  Patricia Reverend Retired
Landon, Michael Reverend Dr. Member-at-Large
Lawrence,  David Reverend Dr. Auburn PC Stewardship Ministry Team (SMT), Moderator Mediation Team Coordinating Council
Leach,  Robert Reverend Member-at-Large
Lee, Je Reverend Lebanon, First PC
Lewis,  H. Daniel Reverend Retired
Lewis, Jennifer Burns Reverend Visioning and Connecting Leader Presbytery of Wabash Valley
Lindberg, Catherine Reverend Retired
McBride, Terry Reverend Retired
McDonald, Carol Reverend Retired Communications & Visioning Committee, Vice-Moderator Coordinating Council
McKenzie, Kathleen Reverend Member-at-Large Stewardship Ministry Team (SMT)
McVay, Jene Commissioned Pastor Lafayette, Elston Commission on Preparation for Ministry
Meyer,  Wayne Reverend Other Denomination Kentland, Covenant Federated
Moody, Joel Reverend South Bend, Sunnyside Commission on Ministry (COM)
Moran,  Catherine Reverend Retired
Mullin, Steven M Reverend Retired Pulpit Supply Reserve Roster of Permanent Judicial Commission
Munson, Carrie Commissioned Pastor Frankfort, Geetingsville Synod Commissioner
Munson, Mike CommissionedPastor Frankfort, Geetingsville
Myhre, Paul O Reverend Dr. Retired
Nead,  Donald Reverend Retired
Neely,  Donald L Reverend Retired
Nwabah, Gladys Reverend Dr. Pulpit Supply Coordinating Council, at-large
Oerter, John Reverend Rochester, Community PC
Orem, Tyler Reverend Highland, First PC Coordinating Council Moderator
Park, Joseph Reverend Member-at-Large
Parkinson, Anna Reverend Member-at-Large Synod Commissioner
Penney Bade,  Laura Reverend Parish Associate/Lafayette, Bethany PC Chaplain, Westminster Village, West Lafayette Commission on Ministry
Perry, Mark Commissioned Pastor Peru, First Synod Commissioner
Poston, Steve Commissioned Pastor West Lebanon, Trinity
Quinlan, Stephen J Reverend Retired Bridge Pastor, Monticello, First PC
Rash, Susan Reverend Retired
Reinowski, William ‘Wil’ Reverend Lafayette, Central Communications & Visioning Committee Nominating Committee
Robertson, Stuart Reverend Dr. Retired  Pulpit Supply
Rogers,  Richard Reverend Pastor Emeritus/Emerita, Munster, Westminster
Rogers, William ‘Bill’ Reverend Portage, First & Union Mills, Bethel Nominating Committee
Roselle, Jr., Harry A Reverend Camden, Deer Creek PC
Rupe, Lucille ‘Lucy’ Reverend Retired
Ryo, Angela Reverend Munster, Westminster PC Commission on Ministry (COM)
Sandos, Louis A Reverend Retired Pulpit Supply
Schlesinger-Devlin, Justin Reverend Dr. Member-at-Large
Seidler Gibbs, Gretchen Reverend Member-at-Large
Sewdin, Lloyd Reverend Retired
Shircliff, Diane Reverend/Chaplain Eskenazi Hospital
Skaggs, Linda S Reverend Retired Hammond, First
Smith, David A Reverend Retired Parish Associate, Peru, First PC
Smith,  Phillip G Reverend Retired
Smith, Ralph G Reverend Dr. Retired
Smith, Thomas Reverend Retired
Smith-Wood, Marcia Reverend/ Retired Spiritual Director Pulpit Supply
Smook, David Reverend Dr. Retired Pulpit Supply
Truman, H. Jordan Reverend Retired
Van Nuys,  John Reverend Dr. Crawfordsville, Wabash Avenue Personnel Ministry Team Moderator
Volkers,  Jack Reverend Retired
Weaver, Kenneth Reverend LaGrange, First PC Goshen, First PC
Whitfield, Ben F Reverend Retired
Wicks, Austin Reverend Member-at-Large
Wicks, Sally Reverend Dr. Elkhart, First PC
Williams,  H. Ann Reverend Retired
Wilson,  Stanley R Reverend Retired
Young Brust,  Jessica Reverend Member-at-Large Response Coordinating Team