Pastor Directory

Name Email Role Call
Adams,  The Rev. Monte [email protected] Currently Serving Royal Center, Center
Anderson,  The Rev. Paul R [email protected] Covenant Pastor Dyer Merrillville, First
Arner,  The Rev. Neil D [email protected] Faculty Notre Dame
Arner,  The Rev. Susan [email protected] Associate Pastor South Bend, Sunnyside
Babovec,  The Rev. Sue [email protected] Chaplain Peabody Retirement Community
Ban,  The Rev. Aaron [email protected] Pastor Another Denomination Chesterton, St. John’s United
Becker,  The Rev. Nancy D [email protected] Parish Associate Valparaiso, First Honorably Retired Pastor Emeritus/Emerita Odgen Dunes Community
Bishop,  The Rev. Sarah [email protected] Associate Pastor South Bend, First
Blunk,  The Rev. Henry (Hank) A. [email protected] Honorably Retired
Bowers,  The Rev. Kevin [email protected] Pastor Lafayette, Bethany
Braden,  The Rev. Marjorie Mason [email protected] Member-At-Large
Braden,  The Rev. Stephen B [email protected] Honorably Retired
Brown,  CLP Jeffrey (Jeff) W. [email protected] Commissioned Lay Pastor Kokomo, Faith
Campbell,  The Rev. E. Allen [email protected] Honorably Retired
Campbell,  The Rev. James M. Honorably Retired
Cantwell,  The Rev. Paige [email protected] Honorably Retired
Carter,  The Rev. Jeffrey C [email protected] Pastor Hobart
Clark,  The Rev. Harry [email protected] Pulpit Supply
Compton,  The Rev. Charles [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Compton,  The Rev. Howard [email protected] Honorably Retired
Cornell,  The Rev. Amy [email protected] Parish Associate Wabash
Cornell,  The Rev. Jonathan [email protected] Pastor Wabash
Coulter,  The Rev. Scott [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Cover,  The Rev. Dr. Jeff [email protected] Pastor Rensselaer, First
Craig,  The Rev. Richard M. [email protected] Honorably Retired
Dandurand,  The Rev. Marvin [email protected] Other Validated Ministry  Pulpit Supply
Davis,  The Rev. Walter K [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Deardorff,  The Rev. Jeffrey [email protected] Honorably Retired
DeMaris,  The Rev. Richard [email protected] Faculty
Detamore,  The Rev. David L. [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Doles, The Rev. David [email protected] Pastor Another Denomination Brookston, Federated
Dunkelberger,  The Rev Michael L. [email protected] Honorably Retired
Eddy, The Rev. Brandan  [email protected]  Pastor  Monticello, First
Emrich,  The Rev. Dr. William O. [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Enersen,  CLP Donna [email protected] Commissioned Lay Pastor Frankfort, Pleasant Hill
Everett,  The Rev. John H. [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Ewing,  The Rev. Kenneth [email protected] Honorably Retired
Ewing,  The Rev. Lyle [email protected] Pastor Huntington, First
Fassett,  The Rev. Dr. Leroy [email protected] Honorably Retired Pastor Emeritus/Emerita Highland, First
Flora,  CLP Martha [email protected] Commissioned Lay Pastor Albion, First
Fry,  The Rev. D. Bruce Honorably Retired
Gasser,  The Rev. Ellis Honorably Retired
Gibbs,  The Rev. David [email protected] Member-At-Large Highland, First
Gilbert,  The Rev. John D. [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Gilbert,  The Rev. Sally W. [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Gourdine,  The Rev. Rudolph J. [email protected] Honorably Retired
Gready,  The Rev. Frank Honorably Retired
Green,  The Rev. Ronald M. Honorably Retired
Griffin,  The Rev. Alan L [email protected] Pastor Goshen, First
Hall, The Rev. Taylor [email protected] Ordained Resident for Christian Formation South Bend, Sunnyside
Hammer, The Rev. Grace [email protected] Pastor Flora
Harkey,  CLP Beverly [email protected] Commissioned Lay Pastor Albion, First
Hartzler,  CLP Roger [email protected] Commissioned Lay Pastor Kouts, First
Haworth,  The Rev. William R [email protected] Other Validated Ministry
Herron,  The Rev. David L. [email protected] Honorably Retired
Hess,  The Rev. John (Jack). [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Hughes,  CLP Dave [email protected] Commissioned Lay Pastor Howe, Lima
Johnson,  The Rev. Lester [email protected] Honorably Retired
Kelso,  The Rev. Dr. Adelia [email protected] Pastor South Bend, First
Kenley,  The Rev. Barbara [email protected] Fowler, First  Pulpit Supply
Kessler,  The Rev. Stanley [email protected] Honorably Retired Pastor Emeritus/Emerita Kendallville, First
Kilbourne,  The Rev. Dr. Ericka L [email protected] Pastor Michigan City, First
Killmer,  The Rev. J. Mark [email protected] Faculty  Pulpit Supply
Kim,  The Rev. Richard Taekryong [email protected] Pastor West Lafayette, Korean
Kleymann,  The Rev. Ruby I [email protected] Covenant Pastor Winamac, First
Kleymann,  The Rev. William F [email protected] Pastor Rochester, Community
Kuhs,  The Rev. Patricia [email protected] Honorably Retired
Kuiken,  The Rev. Rebecca [email protected] Covenant Pastor Elkhart, First
Landon,  The Rev. Dr. Michael E. [email protected] Member-At-Large
Lawrence,  The Rev. David [email protected] Pastor Auburn PC
Leach,  The Rev. Robert [email protected] Member-At-Large
Lewis,  The Rev. H. Daniel [email protected] Covenant Pastor Lake Village Schererville, Immanuel
Lewis,  The Rev. Jennifer Burns [email protected] Visioning & Connecting Leader  Presbytery of Wabash Valley
Lindberg,  The Rev. Catherine [email protected] Another Denomination Agency Center for Congregations
Lyle,  The Rev. Michael mikel[email protected] Pastor Rossville PC
Marzouk,  The Rev. Dr. Safwat [email protected] Other Validated Ministry
McBride,  The Rev. Terry [email protected] Other Validated Ministry
McBryde,  The Rev. Theda [email protected] Pastor Logansport, Bethlehem
McDonald,  The Rev. Carol [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
McFee,  CLP Anella [email protected] Commissioned Lay Pastor Wolcott, Meadow Lake
McVay,  CLP Jene [email protected] Commissioned Lay Pastor Crawfordsville, Milligan Memorial
Meyer,  The Rev. Wayne [email protected] Covenant Pastor Another Denomination Kentland, Covenant Federated
Miller,  The Rev. Dr. James B. [email protected] Pastor South Bend, Sunnyside
Montgomery,   Michael [email protected] Student Pastor Frankfort, Geetingsville
Montgomery,  The Rev. Tamika [email protected] Temporary Pastor Another Denomination Frankfort, Geetingsville
Moran,  The Rev. Catherine [email protected] Member-At-Large
Mueller,  The Rev. Dr. Mark C. [email protected] Pastor Valparaiso, First
Mueller,  The Rev. Dr. Toby [email protected] Pastor Valparaiso, First
Mullin,  The Rev. Steven M. [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Myers,  The Rev. Diane Karay Honorably Retired
Myhre,  The Rev. Paul O. [email protected] Other Validated Ministry  Pulpit Supply
Nead,  The Rev. Donald [email protected] Honorably Retired
Neely,  The Rev. Donald L. [email protected] Honorably Retired/Interim Asst. for Pastoral Care  Pulpit Supply/ South Bend, Sunnyside
Oerter,  The Rev. Lucia [email protected] Pastor Lafayette, Central
Parkinson,  The Rev. Anna [email protected] Member-At-Large
Pennanen,  The Rev. Michael [email protected] Covenant Pastor Another Denomination Hammond, First
Penney Bade,  The Rev. Laura [email protected] Parish Associate Lafayette, Bethany
Quinlan,  The Rev. Stephen J [email protected] Pastor Peru, First
Rash,  The Rev. Susan [email protected] Honorably Retired
Reyna,  CLP Timothy [email protected] Commissioned Lay Pastor Winfield, Christ
Rhodes,  The Rev. Dr. Wayne A [email protected] Honorably Retired Pastor Emeritus/Emerita Valparaiso, First
Rito,  The Rev. Bradley W [email protected] Pastor  Garrett
Robertson,  The Rev. Stuart [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Rogers,  The Rev. Richard [email protected] Honorably Retired Pastor Emeritus/Emerita Munster, Westminster
Roselle, Jr.,  The Rev. Harry A. [email protected] Pastor Camden, Deer Creek
Rupe,  The Rev. Lucille [email protected] Honorably Retired
Rutland,  The Rev. Dr. Maria Lolita K [email protected] Covenant Pastor Hudson, Salem Center
Rutledge,   Philip [email protected] Serving Oxford, Federated
Ryan,  CLP Richard (Rick) [email protected] Commissioned Lay Pastor Lafayette, Elston
Sandos,  The Rev. Louis A. [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Schlesinger-Devlin,  The Rev. Dr. Justin [email protected] Pastor Dayton, Memorial
Seidler Gibbs,  The Rev. Gretchen [email protected] Member-At-Large
Sewdin,  The Rev. Lloyd [email protected] Pastor Ogden Dunes, Community
Skaggs,  The Rev. Linda S. [email protected] Honorably Retired
Smith,  The Rev. David A [email protected] Parish Associate Peru, First
Smith,  The Rev. Phillip G [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Smith,  The Rev. Dr. Ralph G [email protected] Honorably Retired
Smith,  The Rev. Thomas [email protected] Pastor Angola, Chapel-of-the-Lakes
Smith-Wood,  The Rev. Marcia [email protected] Honorably Retired/Other Validated Ministry/Spiritual Director  Pulpit Supply
Smook,  The Rev. Dr. David [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Starace,  The Rev. Christina [email protected] Member at Large
Stults,  The Rev. C. Richard Honorably Retired Pastor Emeritus/Emerita Winamac, First
Thorn,  The Rev. Terri [email protected] Pastor Lebanon, First
Tobin,  The Rev. Barbara Myers [email protected] Honorably Retired
Truman,  The Rev. H. Jordan [email protected] Member-At-Large
Van Nuys,  The Rev. John [email protected] Pastor Crawfordsville, Wabash Avenue
Volkers,  The Rev. Jack [email protected] Honorably Retired
Weaver,  The Rev. Kenneth [email protected] Covenant Pastor Another Denomination LaGrange, First
Whitfield,  The Rev. Ben F [email protected] Honorably Retired  Pulpit Supply
Wicks,  The Rev. Dr. Sally [email protected] Pastor La Porte
Williams,  The Rev. H. Ann [email protected] Honorably Retired
Wilson,  The Rev. Stanley R. [email protected] Honorably Retired
Wimberly,  The Rev. Dr. W. William II [email protected] Honorably Retired
Worthington,  The Rev. Quincy [email protected] Pastor Munster, Westminster
Wunsch,  The Rev. Dr. Ronald W [email protected] Pastor Another Denomination  Pulpit Supply
Young,  The Rev. Dr. Jane [email protected] Transitional Pastor Crown Point, First
Young Brust,  The Rev. Jessica [email protected] Member at Large