Brookston Federated Back-Pack Program

The Federated Church of Brookston  / Frontier School Back Pack Program

October 18, 2018

The Frontier Schools Back Pack Program began in 2012 and was originally developed by another local Brookston church with help of a major local corporate sponsor.  In 2016 the original corporate sponsor went out of business, and the original church was going to drop the program.  Seeing great local value in the program, The Federated Church of Brookston stepped in and took over the organization of the project.  There was money left in the organization’s budget when The Federated Church took it over, but the needs and numbers of families requesting and qualifying for help quickly increased almost three-fold, and by the end of the 2017 school year nearly all existing funds were expended.

Our Church Mission Committee then began the process developing immediate fund raising to cover the business/financial necessities for the program and to address funds needed for the 2018-19 school year.  Part of this effort was a Grant Application that we sent to the Presbytery of Wabash Valley requesting support and financial assistance with our program. Today we packed 35 bags for kids at Frontier Elementary and High School for the backpack program. It costs around $500 a month to send food home on the weekends for kids. If you would like to donate to this program you can make a check out to us and put backpack program on the memo line.

Second week for backpacks 🎒- reminder if your family is in need of a backpack with pantry staples please contact the Elementary or High School counselor.

Today we packed 35 bags for kids at Frontier Elementary and High School for the backpack program. It costs around $500 a month to send food home on the weekends for kids. 

We were ecstatic when the Presbytery Grant Committee called us and approved a Matching Grant for our Backpack Program. The agreement was that if the Federated Church could raise half the needed funding (half being $3689.00), the Presbytery would match those funds, to complete the funds projected as necessary for the 2018-19 school year.  We prayerfully asked our congregation and community to step up and help us meet those needs, and as we should have known, God answered those prayers.  One of our Church members came forward and volunteered to champion our cause in the local community, and his dedication and leadership has been a driving force in our ability to find the support we have needed. Those fund-raising efforts combined with our Mission Committee work and the financial support of many of our congregation members, have helped us reach our goal.  By the end of November 2018, we will have surpassed the initial fund-raising goal, and we continue to add much needed funding to support the program in an on-going fashion.   Praise God!

Each week members of our congregation meet to fill back packs or bags with nutritious meal items and snacks that are sent home with qualifying school children for the weekend. These items help supplement weekend food needs and help sustain the children’s overall diet and health, which in turn helps them with classroom performance. We believe it also sends the message that God believes in them, and God believes that every person is important and deserved of His love. We are proud that we can provide this support through our Church.

While it might be a little late getting this picture up, the evening hasn’t been forgotten! It was a great evening with music being led by Denise and her son Chris! Thank you so much!! We look forward to hearing Chris on Saturday August 13th, he is one of the two opening artists for the Frontier backpack concert! Still time to get your tickets!!

According to studies, even mild malnutrition can affect a child’s ability to learn.  The Federated Church of Brookston / Frontier Schools Back Pack Program is currently over serving 30 children/families in the Frontier School system including high school and elementary school children.  When funds are received for our program they are deposited with the Food Finders Food Bank of Lafayette, IN and designated for Frontier Back Pack Program, to assure the monies are used only for this program’s food needs.  The Federated Church of Brookston is a member church of the Presbytery of Wabash Valley.