In life and death, we belong to God.

It’s good to be back in Indiana and back to Wabash Valley. This week our esteemed Stated Clerk and Stated Clerk-elect and I have enjoyed time with clerks and pastors and others in two locations, where we heard stories of joy and encouragement and goal-setting. The heart of the time was spent in peer review of Session records, and the … Read More

Broken, Holy Hallelujahs

In the winter of 2015, I was nominated to serve as a chaplain at Presbyterian House at the Chautauqua Institute for this coming week. The end of the summer of 2017 seemed a long way off. It wasn’t all that far off. I heard from the people at Presbyterian House, asking for my plans for worship on Sunday, August 20. … Read More

Jennifer’s Blog

Welcome! Welcome to this new blog, Seeds: Seeing What is Invisible, a spot for thinking out loud about possibilities, passions and partnerships in the Presbytery of Wabash Valley. The blog’s title draws upon a year of worshipping in many congregations throughout our presbytery, thinking in session meetings and presbytery assemblies and workshops and in the car as I traverse the … Read More