Book of Order G-3.0111 Nominating Process:
All councils higher than the session shall have a process for nominating persons to serve in positions requiring election by the council. The process shall ensure that nominations are made by an entity broadly representative of the constituency of the council, and in conformity with the church’s commitment to unity in diversity (F-1.0403).

The Nominating Committee presents to the presbytery assembly its nominees for election to leadership positions including: members and moderators of presbytery committees and ministry teams; officers of the presbytery; and commissioners to the Synod and General Assembly including youth advisory delegates. Nominees may be ministers of the word and sacrament, ruling elders and others where appropriate. Presbytery elects nine (9) members to the Nominating Committee, including a moderator and vice moderator from the presbytery at large.

Spiritual gifts, skills and/or expertise are valuable to this team. Acquaintance with potential candidates and the work of the presbytery; and a willingness to invite and encourage people to serve congregations through presbytery collaboration is essential. This committee maintains a balance of pastors and ruling elders, men and women, and appropriate geographic and cultural diversity.

Meetings typically are held monthly from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Eastern Time, but can be scheduled to meet needs of the committee, and generally are held using audio-video technology. Contacting potential nominees is done individually, usually by telephone. Time required varies. Term is three years with a second elected three-year term possible.