Communications and Visioning Committee

The responsibilities of the Communications and Visioning Committee are to:

  1. Share stories of ministry and mission illustrating and affirming the Presbytery mission to serve Christ, enhance congregations and connect communities.
  2. Teach concepts of stewardship and theologically interpret means of shared support for congregational ministry and mutual support for Presbytery connections among congregations and with the denomination.
  3. Communicate transformative vision and priorities of Presbytery in new ways to meet today’s cultural realities
  4. Maintain relational, participatory links to General Assembly, other mid-councils and ecumenical groups.
  5. Offer and encourage leadership development and training opportunities for congregations and Presbytery leadership
  6. Listen for emerging visions for shifting Presbytery priorities, nurture discernment about priorities throughout the Presbytery and make recommendations to Presbytery Assembly for its approval.

The Communications and Visioning Committee shall be comprised of five (5) elected members of Presbytery plus Presbytery officers and executive staff and shall include a moderator and vice moderator. Ordinarily the executive staff may function as moderator with voice and vote on the committee, but voice only on the Coordinating Council.