Ministry Formation Program:
A Growth Opportunity for Church Members

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The Ministry Formation Program is an opportunity for Ruling Elders or other church members wishing to grow in faith and understanding, to more fully participate in the ministry of their congregations or other congregations in their presbyteries. There are many ways to serve, including becoming Ruling Elders commissioned to serve a congregation.

The Plan

This is a two-year process deploying a two-track curriculum – an online track administered by Columbia Theological Seminary, and a live track administered by the Presbytery of Wabash Valley, with cohort gatherings hosted by congregations of the PWV. All participants will be on both tracks simultaneously.

All participants will be assigned to a cohort led by two mentors/facilitators/teachers and will meet six times each year.

Overview of the Study Plan

Track One – Online – in partnership with Columbia Theological Seminary
Bible 1: Old Testament Survey (with some attention to interpretation)
Bible 2: New Testament Survey (with some attention to interpretation)All cohort members will simultaneously participate in an online discussion forum as theytake each Bible course.

Track Two – Live

Six (6) cohort gatherings over the course of the year for the purposes of:

  1. Allowing live conversation about the online learning
  2. Receiving support in the learning process
  3. Introducing the following:
    1. Polity
    2. Pastoral Care
    3. Self-Care
  4. Learning and practicing preaching
  5. Discussing Christian history
  6. Discussing a common text that is read over the course of two yearsAttending to spiritual formationCultivating meaningful relationships


Track One – Online
Bible 3: Exegesis

Track Two – Live
Preaching Workshop – From exegesis to delivery


Track One – Online
Reformed TheologyWorship and Sacraments

Track Two – Live
Six cohort gatherings over the course of the year with more focus on preaching, worship, and leadership.


Live Only
Workshop on Professional Ethics and Boundaries

Participants can expect their costs to be $1200 over two years.
Tuition to Columbia will be about $900 total.
Books and travel are estimated at about $300.