One of the Guiding Principles named in the presbytery bylaws is “The Spirit of Stewardship.”

We are committed to God’s Spirit of Stewardship as we generously use the resources of time, talent and possessions that God has entrusted to us as individuals and as a community of faith.

The Stewardship Ministry Team has six elected members, including its moderator and vice moderator. Its purpose is to review and make recommendations to Council for being good stewards of God’s resources including financial and property matters of the Presbytery.

Its responsibilities include encouraging a culture of generosity based on faith and trust among the entities of presbytery and its congregations. This team invites budget proposals from the working teams of the presbytery and from the Personnel Ministry Team and synthesizes them into an overall budget it recommends to the Presbytery Council.

The Stewardship Ministry Team also:
• Reviews the financial position of Presbytery and makes financial recommendations in consultation with committees, commissions and teams.
• Monitor financial support of congregations to per capita and shared mission giving, reporting progress or concerns to Council as requested
• Makes recommendations to Council concerning applications by Sessions for loans from the Presbyterian Investment and Loan program (PILP). (note: Presbytery is co-guarantor)
• Arranges for external audit of presbytery finances and functions as internal audit team.
• Advises any commission, committee or teams of presbytery regarding availability of funds beyond the approved budget, prior to any recommendation to Council.
• Consults with Property Committee at their request concerning sale, purchase or encumbrance of church property, in keeping with the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church and its clause stating that all church property is held in trust for the use and benefit of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.

The Financial Consultant is contracted through Books in Order, Inc. and provides full service bookkeeping, business consulting, and training and consulting with congregations. He prepares and submits financial statements for each meeting of the Presbytery Assembly, Presbytery Council and the “SMT.”

Meets the second Monday of each Month thru ‘Go-To-Meeting’ at 10 am Eastern time.