From the Standing Rules:

  • Serve the presbytery as its agent in establishing new congregations by selecting and purchasing sites, proposing organizing pastors, recommending chartering, and overseeing the development of these congregations following their chartering, until such time as the Ministry Team, the Session of the new congregation, and the organizing pastor concur that the congregation is no longer to be considered a new church development.
  • Recommend budget items related to new church development and to authorize the expenditure of New Development funds for the support of new church developments.

Church Transformation

  • Serve the Presbytery as its agent in transforming existing congregations.
  • Establish guidelines, make recommendations, etc
  • Work in partnership with the Committee on Ministry to provide guidance and support for congregations involved in transformation projects.

From the Current Moderator

    The team plans and implements new church development using a variety of sources including demographic studies and city or community growth projections. The team also works on redevelopment of existing churches. Currently we are working on long-range plans and goals.

Spiritual gifts, skills and/or expertise valuable to this team

    A genuine interest in starting new churches is vital as well as an understanding of the dynamics of how a church develops, ages and matures. A passion for sharing the good news of Christ is essential.