In life and death, we belong to God.

It’s good to be back in Indiana and back to Wabash Valley.

This week our esteemed Stated Clerk and Stated Clerk-elect and I have enjoyed time with clerks and pastors and others in two locations, where we heard stories of joy and encouragement and goal-setting. The heart of the time was spent in peer review of Session records, and the time we spent also included resource sharing and reports about what’s new and what’s coming in the life of our presbytery. I am so grateful for faithful leaders who work out front and behind the scenes. Thank you to First Presbyterian Church of Kouts and Auburn Presbyterian Church for hosting these gatherings!


This week has also included several other meetings, a book study with a wonderful group of Presbyterians, a whole bunch of consulting and coaching, and preparation for participating in the memorial service for an esteemed friend, mentor and colleague in ministry, even in the midst of mourning the passing of another good friend and colleague.

I’m also working on a blog post for early next week that will capture some great books, podcasts and resources I’ve encountered this summer on being the Church in a new era. Watch for it.

As always, in life and in death, we belong to God. It’s true of individuals and it’s true of communities and congregations. We belong to God.