This centerpiece of fabric art flowed from the Table to the Font in the center of our work and worship space at the 223rd General Assembly.  The opening worship reminded us that we were meeting where the Missouri and Meramec Rivers flow as one into and with the Mississippi.

Being part of General Assembly is like this beautiful quilted art – packed with meaning:

  • Variations in blues, greens, tans and browns, long and short pieces, thick and thin and smooth and rough textures reminding us of the gifts of Creation
  • Pieced together with long running stitches and tiny hand threads to make a whole like the community gathered in Christ’s name
  • Flow connecting the paten of Bread and chalice of fruit of the Vine set at the Table down to the clear waters gathered from North, South, East and West by commissioners to remind us of the grace of baptism
  • Reflecting the enriching blue spot lights from above like the gifts of the Spirit
  • Made by many hands from the worshipping communities and congregations that hosted us with extravagant hospitality
  • Put together by shared vision like a pattern that showed how to put the pieces together, reminding me of our theme of Building Kin-ship for the 21st Century and the overtures, agendas, committees, procedures and even Robert’s Rules that structured the work of hundreds of individuals into the whole that is Assembly
  • Nurtured through the process of coming together and taking actions as a whole by inspired planners and facilitators, and gifted elected leaders
  • Each piece of fabric art seen through eyes of each present with personal values informing meanings and judgments – yet that diversity remains a whole
  • Flowing forward in time like an ongoing river with specific action items for presbyteries to consider, commissions to implement, committees to conduct further research and make recommendations to the next General Assembly, and leaders and staff to interpret

I pray that the blessings of the Spirit take our personal fragments of varied perspectives and actions and weave them into a wholeness that continues to inform our personal words and actions.  That is, our experiences remind us that we are witnesses to God’s presence in this work and the vision for Christ’s Church as we build relationships of kinship in ministry and mission toward God’s “Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven…”

– Linda Long, Commissioner